Sunday, March 15, 2009

Collage-Abstract art

Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in 1912, in their quest for a completely new image of reality and art, developed a technique of pasting paper and other found materials to a support to create a new meaning in what was considered art. It was called Papier colle', the French term for pasted paper, or collage, as we know it today.

In collage, the unusual and the familiar, time and space, closeness and distance, the known and the unknown, dreams, inspirations, imagination, all coincide. This no longer an art form painted, but pasted, assembled or juxtaposed to form a new image of reality and art. An art that is freed from stylistic terms, freed to form new associations in the viewers mind.

The artists in 1912, broke up space and shapes using cut, torn and pasted papers, newspapers, old posters, wallpaper and anything they could find around the studio and the streets. In this way they created an abstract art, abstract still life and textures. Thus making collage a fine art form. They were joined by another Spaniard Juan Gris in making collages during the Cubist era.

Today, many artists use a combination of collage techniques. While it is often used alone, collage can be combined with various other media- painting, drawing, computer generated art, photographs.

Today, on the right are 3 examples of my work using various collage techniques. More abstract paintings, collages, drawings and digital collage fusion can be found at

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