Monday, March 9, 2009

Some quotes on Modern art

In trying to understand modern art, I've been making notes from 1974. Here are a few I've written in my notebook:

" ... good taste feeds on the past... Being nostalgic, it is a useless instrument for measuring the worth of the new."

From the ideas underlying modern art( "Painting in the 20th Century") :" Modern art differs radically from art of the past, because of a profound change in the thinking of artists concerned. They arose to a lesser extent from the thinking of Hegel, Fieldler, Croce and Bergson, but to a larger extent from deliberations which could not be disregarded, or as they arose in actual artistic practice, in the dialogue of the painter with visible nature and the search for the elements which could make the painting a self existent organism and for the expressional power of purely pictorial means".

"... the interactivity of intuition and intellect, in which spontaneous vision is intellectually scrutinized, is highly characteristic of modern painting".

As I read and made notes, these quotes gave some validity to my thinking and better articulated my approach to art.

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