Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Other views on Modern art

While a meandering line usually starts the process, inevitably my work is hardly finished until I form some kind of "compartment" for the elements. So several elements serve to form a "whole".

I found a quote that hints at an explanation of this process. "Malevich describes how matter "disintegrates into a large number of component parts which are fully independent' so that things do not exist but only the sum of their entities".

Another explanation for the intuitive process in relation to Modern Art ..." the interactivity of intuition and intellect in which spontaneous vision is intellectually scrutinized is highly characteristic of modern painting."

..."it arose ( this new relationship to reality) in the revolutionary discovery that visible reality is only one manifestation of the real, that the inner world posseses just as concrete a reality, as much truth and reality as the images reflected on the retina."

This is a mixed media work that evolved out of this meandering process. It's called "Agitated." More of my original paintings, drawings, digital abstract photo compositions can be found at

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