Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dunn's River Falls

Like any meandering line that usually starts a drawing, the road from Kingston to Dunn's River Falls is a winding, twisting adventure to the most popular site in Jamaica. Moving from busy, bustling Kingston where the ever popular 'robot' taxis are racing each other to pick up passengers, you move into the suburbs of Spanish Town. First settled by the Spaniards, our first colonizers. You would be well advised to take the toll road to avoid Spanish Town. Snails have been known to pass frustrated commuters in the morning. " Look Dad, the snails have passed us" :) But moving ahead you'll pass over the centuries old Flat Bridge, into the Rio Cobre Gorge where the river has carved out its own course. An interesting geological study, a 'mini' Grand Canyon. the journey continues over Mount Diablo and Mount Rosser, weaving over and through steep, verdant, mysterious mountains. Many interesting stops will greet you, from fruit stalls, "curry goat" and "jerk chicken" stands to a labouring country bus making its way to Ocho Rios.

Just a mile from Ocho Rios is Dunn's River Falls. From the Caribbean sea, this majestic "cathedral' climbs majestically, unfolding perhaps, a hundred mini falls, whirlpools, swim holes and best of all - you can climb all the way to the top. Here the origination of the term "chill out" is revealed. Find a spot and read your favourite book, take snapshots or sketch as you please.When a cruise ship docks in Ocho Rios, hundreds of tourist swarm this picturesque site.

The abstract art of seeing colours, shapes and forms are largely forgotten in these moments. The physical art of climbing these falls, now require some peppery shrimps, fish and chicken.

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